About 2 Health Nuts

2 Health Nuts was launched with the mindset of cultivating a, truly, unique wellness experience. From our journey in the health & wellness “trenches,” we felt we had seen it all, and done it all; we knew we wanted to offer something different.

As Behavioral Change & Lifestyle Coaches, our priority is to give our clients the tools, strategies, and motivation, needed, to implement their goals, and to feel successful in the process. With so many fitness & nutrition professionals advocating WHAT to do to yield results, we wanted to take it one step further and guide our clients on HOW to go about achieving them!

“It’s not so much about knowing WHAT to do when it comes to your fitness, nutrition, or even mindset; it’s about being CONSISTENT with it!” -2 Health Nuts

Our Mission

To inspire, empower, and challenge our clients to become the highest version of their current selves.

We are passionate about creating happy, healthy, and successful clients through our expertise in the areas of fitness, nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle coaching.

We believe that our client's success requires a natural progression and education from a variety of modalities and disciplines.

Our History

2 Health Nuts was established in the Spring of 2014 with a passion and drive to offer the highest level of health & wellness offerings to the Baltimore, D.C., and Virginia corporate sectors. With the ultimate goal of becoming a presence, nationwide, our mission is to foster a relationship with our clients to educate and guide them on the path of what it means to make healthy, realistic, and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Our Accreditations

What 2 Health Nuts means to the people we serve...

Thank you for providing wonderful services to our clients. I always feel confident your on-site offerings will be well-received by participants. We will continue to spread the good work that you do with the rest of our team! 

V. Rinehart, United Healthcare Account Manager

Thank you for your continued, EXCELLENT work with our classes!

L. Rojas, Montgomery County Government Employee

Thank you so much for hummus recipe; I can’t wait to make it! And thank you for the “lunch and learn” presentation – I often fall into the trap of trying to cut too much, too quick, and yo-yo back and forth with trying to stick to a plan. I realize I do need more of a mindset change!

M. Aujero, Gonzaga High School Teacher

Thank you so much for the past 8 week program! I have learned so much about myself and, as coached, this is a day-to-day, life-long process! I have formed some new habits regarding my nutrition, and I LOVE the 30 minute exercise routines which fit, perfectly, into my busy schedule!

J. Ritchie, 8 Week Lifestyle Coaching Participant

I wanted to write and tell you how much I have been enjoying your On-Site Boot Camp Classes; they have helped me so much! I have been participating in the classes for three months and I am significantly stronger and have much better endurance.  My jeans fit me great after baby number three, and I feel more physically confident! I had no idea I could do a burpee, let alone 30 of them! Thanks so much for empowering me with great workouts.

R.Turow, Attorney

I thought the 2 Health Nuts “Desk-2-5K” Program was great and helped me prepare for my first 5K race. The email and correspondence was very helpful, and the balance between cardio & strength training was perfect. I would definitely recommend a friend, and would participate again!

S. Weeks, Frederick County Public School System Employee