2HNSJanineJanine Frank

Our Chief Exercise Officer (“CEO”), Janine Frank, has been in the health & wellness industry for 17 years. With a degree in Exercise Science, her additional fitness & coaching certifications, as well as an impressive resume of wellness mentors she has worked with, sets her apart among peers.

Janine’s role within 2 Health Nuts keeps her more “behind the scenes,” as she continues to educate & create the programs, literature, and content that is showcased on-site, and virtually, to our corporate and community clients. She is the driving force behind the company staying ahead of the curve, which involves extensive research, continued education, and traveling to other cities & countries in an effort to beta test new & improved programming.

Known for her attention to detail, and creative, out of the box workouts & programs, Janine is all about the individual. Whether the 2 Health Nuts are working 1-on-1 with a client, or with a company of 500, it is the SAME, customized approach, and no “one size fits all plan,” that she delivers every single day.

“It’s about creating an environment & work culture that eliminates the intimidation factor, and meets it with understanding, compassion, and setting forth realistic & sustainable goals.”

If you are not finding Janine at her computer – she is, also, a lifestyle influencer and digital content creator on “Fit4Janine” – you may spot her at the latest restaurant that opened in town, shopping for “what’s trending”, working out (did you know, she is a former marathoner), cooking, hanging with family, and traveling. She, currently, resides in her hometown of McLean, Virginia with her husband, Matt.

2HNSDariaDaria Shaw

Health and Wellness has been in Daria’s blood & soul for over 27 years. As Chief Fitness Officer (“CFO”), her journey began, shortly, after earning her B.A. in Business Management from Notre Dame of Maryland University. She developed her passion for skincare while managing Prescriptive’s/Estee Lauder Cosmetics, which led to continuing her education, and obtaining certification as a Maryland licensed esthetician.

Co-Founding 2 Health Nuts encapsulated not only her passion for skincare, but fitness as well. Bringing together the key elements of fitness (personal training), nutrition and aesthetics, 2 Health Nuts offers a complete understanding to the complexities of our bodies.

You will find Daria “front and center,” either working on-site, or virtually, in the Baltimore, D.C., and Northern Virginia corporate and community sectors. Through the company’s customized health & wellness programming philosophy, her goal is to inspire, empower and challenge clients to be their very best.

One of Daria’s greatest attributes is taking to heart what she has learned, and continues to learn, and to return that gift; to mentor, support and educate clients to thrive in their skin. It’s about embracing their journey and living the best version of their current self.