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A Unique and Fresh Approach to Wellness in the Workplace

2 Health Nuts cultivates a truly unique wellness experience. As behavioral change and lifestyle coaches, our priority is to give our clients the tools, strategies, and motivation needed to implement their goals and feel successful in the process. We are passionate about creating happy, healthy, and successful clients through our expertise in the areas of fitness, nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle coaching.

With so many fitness and nutrition professionals advocating WHAT to do to yield results, we take it one step further and guide our clients on HOW to go about achieving them! We believe that our client’s success requires a natural progression and education from a variety of modalities and disciplines, lending itself to our whole person wellness approach!



The 24 BEST Workouts of Your Life!

A fun & interactive approach to your weekday fitness routine! With a combination of body weight and equipment based classes, these FULL BODY, DIY, workouts will take you on a progressive, fitness journey that will have you looking and feeling your best!


Weekday Werk

Mind, Body, & Workouts!

A monthly workout membership that provides 3 LIVE workouts a week, via Zoom, and access to all recorded classes!


Enrollment Full

Virtual Personal Training

Work 1-on-1 with a 2 Health Nuts certified Personal Trainer!
Durations include 30, 45, and 60 minutes, and all workouts are hosted through Zoom!