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WTF…what the fitness?

Whether at the gym or at home, many of us exercise on a regular basis. Although our reasons for physical activity differ from each individual, the majority incorporate exercise as a major component to their healthy lifestyle, concentrating on weight loss and toning. However, a lack of positive results may indicate that one is not utilizing their workout effectively. There is a correlation between the effort we put in and the benefit we receive.

As lifestyle/health coaches it’s important to understand the client and their goals, without judgement. It’s also our role to assist you in the reality of your goals. When clients go through the motions with their workout – here are three (3) scenarios:

  • Attending the same group fitness classes/performing the same strength routines: It’s down to a science, right? Your calendar is set with the days and times of the group fitness classes that you are taking. If it’s a weight bearing class, you use the same weights (no intention to add more weight); or a spin class – you have the resistance set for speed and incline (again, with no intention to increase either). Those days of strength training, most likely there is a day set for lower body, upper body and a day combing upper and lower with an emphasis is abdominal work with a little added cardio…often using the same strength routines.
  • Heads to either a treadmill or elliptical machine with a book or magazine with the intention of working out for 60 minutes.
  • As a means to an end. Lacking enthusiasm, direction, drive and passion; and are the first to be disgruntled for all the “working out” that they do with “no results”.

Does this sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone and there are actual positives to the first two (2) scenarios. Burning calories is assumed, and yes, calories are being burned. But the purpose of these types of workouts may have a deeper perspective. Even though the intention is for weight loss or toning, those results have usually peaked and are no longer effective. But what is effective in these scenarios, is that it often provides a social network, stress relief, or a form of escapism, or even alleviates problems by clearing the mind.

Results are derived from a sense of purpose and persistence. Building strength, being fit, eating clean, etc. helps us take control of not only what we put into our bodies, but how we look and feel. If this resonates with you, try the WTF approach for your next workout. What’s The Focus of your next workout? Are you there to challenge yourself, set fitness goals, socialize, mental clarity, etc.? Establishing these terms will put you on a stronger path of success. Bottom line is that You GET what you GIVE and a health body and mind equal a healthy life.