The term “lifestyle change” can feel overwhelming. The feeling of completely needing to overhaul the way that you approach your health and day-to-day life is daunting. This is especially true if you feel like you’re doing it all at once and without enough support.

Now, more than ever, the trend is moving towards people looking and wanting to improving their overall health and wellness. Along with this process, they often want guidance, support, and as much education as they can get. The team at 2 Health Nuts has extensive experience in behavioral change and lifestyle coaching, providing your employees with the help they need to make sustainable and realistic changes!

Group Behavioral Changes and Lifestyle Coaching

Our customized, and signature, lifestyle coaching programs provide our clients with two options:

  • An intensely guided, and higher accessibility, series with a 2 Health Nuts coach that may take place both on-site and virtually (i.e. coaching calls, a closed Facebook group, etc.) or entirely virtual, depending on your comfort level
  • A “Do It Yourself” approach that includes weekly tasks, literature, and accountability check-ins. This option is virtual only.

The 2 Health Nuts coaches work hard to make lifestyle coaching and behavioral changes fun and sustainable. Our main goal is to help individuals begin finding a balance between work life, home life, self-care, and overall health and wellness.

We also strive to help individuals overcome the “perfectionist” mindset that can so often be a setback to wellness goals!

Benefits of Group Lifestyle Coaching

Participating in a group behavioral change and lifestyle coaching class has numerous benefits for your employees.

First, it gives them a chance to participate in teambuilding. Working together with other employees in an effort to improve wellness allows them to get to know each other better and feel like part of a team.

Second, healthier and happier employees perform better, and retention is that much greater. The value of a health and wellness program goes beyond the class or session. It has a lasting effect on morale, productivity, and work ethic.

Individual Coaching Sessions

To help your employees get the most out of our programs, we offer individual coaching upon request. We understand some individuals would prefer one-on-one vs. group, and we can customize and accommodate accordingly.

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It’s more important than ever that employees have access to a multitude of wellness opportunities.

Our programs our customized and designed to represent your work culture; we want your wellness initiatives to align with what your employees are interested in for future participation.

To learn more about our behavioral changes and lifestyle coaching options, give us a call today at 410.935.9241 or online.