Our signature health and wellness programming is bringing new meaning to the “power of the group.” While most wellness companies focus on WHAT to do, we have made it our priority to emphasize & educate on exactly HOW to implement health and wellness into your everyday life!

Some of the wellness initiatives that we cover include:

  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Implementing fitness, nutrition, and mindset work into daily routines
  • Finding a balance with work, home life, and personal wellness
  • Creating an abundance mindset

Delivered virtually or onsite, our services can be customized to FIT the needs of your company’s health and wellness initiatives. Our customizable programs will allow you to tailor our services specifically for your employees and what they need most.

Why Implement a Wellness Initiative

In our ever-changing, “socially distant” world, establishing a culture of health and wellness at your company is more important than ever. It gives people an opportunity to feel connected with others, all while helping them to become better versions of themselves.

Establishing a culture of health and wellness at your company has a multitude of benefits. Employees that exercise, eat healthfully, and have a positive sense of well-being are generally more likely to:

  • Feel appreciated and valued by their company
  • Enjoy reduced stress and fatigue
  • Take fewer sick days because of a boosted immune system
  • Notice a decrease in unhealthy lifestyle choices that can lead to chronic diseases and difficulties
  • Boost work performance and social interaction from getting to know those around them better during group workouts

Ultimately, employees that participate in company-sponsored wellness initiatives feel better and do better.

The 2 Health Nuts Mission

To inspire, empower and encourage our clients to become the highest version of their current selves; whether in a high touch, on-site setting, or by bringing that same level of customization and excellence into a virtual, low touch, atmosphere.

Get to Know Us

2 Health Nuts was established in the Spring of 2014 with a passion and drive to offer the highest level of health and wellness offerings to the Baltimore, D.C., and Virginia corporate sectors. With the ultimate goal of becoming a presence, nationwide, our mission is to foster a relationship with our clients to educate and guide them on the path of what it means to make healthy, realistic, and sustainable lifestyle changes. Read more about our team.

Our Team

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