Why It’s More Than Just the Implementation of Exercise

As wellness professionals, we constantly speak on the importance of creating a healthy & sustainable relationship within our fitness, nutrition, […]

sunless tanning

Sunless Tanning

When you hear the words “tan,” “bronze,” “golden,” etc., the idea seems to conjure up visions of rest, relaxation, and […]


What Does It Mean to Make a Lifestyle Change?

This is a topic that we just LOVE to chat about, especially when it comes to coaching and educating our […]


WTF…what the fitness?

Whether at the gym or at home, many of us exercise on a regular basis. Although our reasons for physical […]


Stop Being So Scared of the Easter Bunny!

Janine here, and I am taking over the blog this week! I know, I know, it has been a little […]


Are You A Recovering Perfectionist?

We would love to get your honest feedback…is THIS something you can resonate with? Do you find yourself feeling the need […]


Resolutions Vs. Goals…Do They Mean The Same Thing?

Ready for a quick (yes, short and sweet) lifestyle chat to get your weekend started? Janine is going to give you the […]


5 Ways “Wellness in the Workplace” Can Benefit Your Company!

Principal’s Janine Frank & Daria Shaw consider corporate wellness to be a big part of what makes a team successful. […]

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