Are You A Recovering Perfectionist?

We would love to get your honest feedback…is THIS something you can resonate with?

Do you find yourself feeling the need to be PERFECT with your nutrition and exercise in order for it to be effective? Meaning, if your meals are not “super clean” and “strict,” or if you are not “working out” EVERY SINGLE DAY, for hours on end, then forget it. You are totally off track!

THIS IS THE ONLY WAY to be successful, right (even if it means you are not seeing results)? OMG, the mere thought of a “rest day,” or having a bite or two of dessert, or a handful of your favorite chips, would send you into a tailspin!

Seriously, have you felt this way (or still feel this way)?

Did you know…

These behaviors have you operating with a “perfectionists” mentality; operating this way is ACTUALLY the opposite of being effective?

This idea of being “perfect” leaves you feeling insecure, disconnected, and, let’s face it, no where close to your goals.

We know it sounds a little harsh but it is REALITY, and it is the TRUTH!

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all have a perfectionist mindset (to a degree). We admit – okay, maybe Janine more than Daria – that we are extremely guilty of THIS at times and, while we educate in reverse (i.e. there is no such thing as perfection), we have come to realize it is part of the process. As lifestyle coaches, we can, totally, empathize with our clients who are struggling with this very mindset. It is through our experiences, and where we have been, that we can share and educate the very steps we are taking to live that so called “anti-perfectionist” lifestyle and how to break down those barriers that tend to keep us (all) struggling.

How can you start? EMBRACE THE JOURNEY!

It is so easy to find ourselves getting caught up in how quickly we can get from “point A to point B” that we miss out on everything in between. As an example, let’s view this from a nutrition perspective.

How many times have we tried to go on a “plan” or “diet” in which, if we follow “x, y, and z,” we are guaranteed to drop a dress size in 2 weeks?

This is PERFECT; you don’t have to think – you just DO – and you are promised to be able to wear those skinny jeans by next weekend.

A few days in, you are miserable because it’s not realistic and sustainable for YOU. Instead of doing the investigative work, and figuring out how you can adapt and modify to have it feel a little more automated and customized, you throw in the towel.

You feel weak. You feel like a failure.

All of this feeds into the perpetual cycle of “all or nothing,” which continues to feed into this idea that every aspect of your life needs to be PERFECT in order for it to be effective.

Hmm, isn’t perfectionism the farthest thing from effectiveness?

NOW, we want to hear your story!! Is this something you can resonate with? What has been your experience? Do you feel “stuck” and don’t know how to change it? Would you like to feel free and powerful with your nutrition and exercise?

Are you ready to live the anti-perfectionist lifestyle?

Send us an email and chat with us! We would love to work with you and help you start living the life that you have always wanted; a lifestyle that is SUSTAINABLE, REALISTIC, and EFFECTIVE!