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Resolutions Vs. Goals…Do They Mean The Same Thing?

Ready for a quick (yes, short and sweet) lifestyle chat to get your weekend started? Janine is going to give you the 411 on today’s topic…

Resolutions vs. goals…are they the same thing? 

As Zig Ziglar once said “You need a plan to build a house. To build a life, it is even more important to have a goal.” This week, I have actually been “teasing” out this EXACT question with some of my personal clients. With it being a few months into the New Year, it’s definitely a time when we start wondering if those CRAZY resolutions we made (yes, CRAZY) were really for the birds!

“Plans” keep us in a controlled state. Yes, they can be helpful to keep us on a positive trajectory, as long as we allow for flexibility, embrace change, and view our “failures” as feedback.

This is where “resolutions” keep us struggling.

If we don’t accomplish or achieve EXACTLY what we set out to do, then, FORGET IT! Resolutions come with unrealistic or unsustainable expectations. They leave us without a maintenance plan and, ultimately, have us feeling weak since we were unable to achieve.

This is what continues to keep us in a very passive state.

GOAL SETTING changes this mindset; it allows you to become more involved in your own life with what works for you, and it’s a continued practice in building the TRUST factor. Goals provide accountability, help you to “dial-in” and get extremely laser focused with what YOU want, provide clarity, motivation, and, guess what, help you become a higher version of your current self!

Happy Friday…and GOAL get ’em!