One of our favorite ways to introduce wellness into the workplace, our “Lunch and Learn” series covers a wide variety of topics to choose from in the realm of fitness, nutrition, mindset, and overall lifestyle!

These presentations are chock full of the latest health and wellness content, providing participants with an engaging, informative, and FUN lunch hour.

Benefits of a Lunch and Learn

Whether your company already has wellness initiatives in place, or the Lunch and Learn is a starting off point, these presentations are a great way to build the groundwork for a solid health and wellness program. Some of the top reasons to host an employee Lunch and Learn include:

  • Improving employee morale, especially in our currently “socially distant” world
  • Encouraging a culture of health and wellness within your business
  • Helping employees feel more involved in their own wellness journeys
  • Providing a teambuilding exercise that encourages team members to connect and share
  • Providing expert advice on long-term wellness for people who may not otherwise seek it
  • Insight on future offerings in which your employees would like to participate

Virtual Option

While traditional on-site Lunch and Learns are our favorite, we do have the option for virtual seminars which are just as much fun! We utilize the same strategies and techniques as if in person, all while keeping the unity and “power of the group” feeling remotely.

Making the Lunch and Learn Successful

The most successful programs take place when your employees are engaged and excited! When you plan your Lunch and Learns, we highly recommend creating a survey to find out what your employees are most interested in learning about.

The 2 Health Nuts will provide you with all the tools and resources needed to promote, excite, and kick off your workplace wellness!

Contact 2 Health Nuts to Schedule Your Company Lunch and Learn

To learn more about bringing a Lunch and Learn to your company, give 2 Health Nuts a call today at 410.935.9241 or online to continue the discussion!

*Customized presentations can be developed, and the addition of a healthy meal (on-site only) can be provided, upon request & for an additional fee.