What Does It Mean to Make a Lifestyle Change?

This is a topic that we just LOVE to chat about, especially when it comes to coaching and educating our individual and corporate clients – “What does it REALLY mean to make a Lifestyle Change?” Not only is this a pretty broad topic BUT it is one that can be confusing at times as well. While not an all-inclusive list, lifestyle change can be broken down into MANY areas – fitness, nutrition, stress management, mindset, financial, spiritual, emotional, etc. While most of the coaching you see from the “2 Health Nuts” is geared towards lifestyle change from a health and wellness standpoint, the tools and strategies we share are from our own personal experiences can, EASILY, be implemented in all areas of your life.

Today, Janine is going to share a little bit about her journey in doing a 360 with not only her personal lifestyle but how she coaches her clients too!

“I will be honest, when I first came into the industry 13+ years ago, I felt that I needed to coach from a so-called “plan;” meaning, I was very regimented with my clients on their workouts – i.e. number of cardio days, strength days, body part splits, etc. – and nutrition – i.e. 5-6 small meals per day, a certain amount of fruits & vegetables at every meal, implementing starchy carbohydrates around workouts or sprinkled in throughout the day, water, water, water, etc. This was all stemming from what I had read in books and magazines, what my fellow colleagues where doing at that very moment with their clients, what seemed to work for me (or so I thought), what seemed to work for other people, and so on, and so on.

Over time, though, what I started to notice was that as I was becoming more and more non-compliant with these strategies in my own life, and it was getting harder and harder for me to “enforce” them with my own clients. Not only was I miserable but I am sure my clients were feeling less and less passionate & excited about their workouts and nutrition too. I knew I needed to make a change if I was going to be an effective trainer and coach and, ultimately, not lose sight of my own personal passion and excitement for my craft.

It hasn’t been until the last few years that I started to realize there was SO MUCH MORE to this lifestyle equation than I ever really thought, yet alone tried to put into practice. Again, it has been through a LOT of trial and error with my own experiences, and really zooming out the wellness lens in an effort to break the rigidity & “rules” that I was in such agony following.

Don’t get me wrong, it has taken a LOT of hard work to get me to where I am today. In fact, there are still times – even to this day – that I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier just to follow a plan; something a little more concrete and, as a client once said to me, not so “whatever.” Every time I go there, though, it just feels so unnatural. It feels routine, structured, and, as I touched on before, way too rigid, complicated, and just downright controlling! The more I continued to work and trust my process (FYI: TRUST is the very opposite of CONTROL), and, finally, realize that consistency and taking action every day is that much more rewarding (not to mention easier and freer), I knew this would be my game changer, both personally and professionally.

I freed myself from the obsession and idea that in order to be a well-respected coach and leader I needed to follow someone else’s rules! I just needed to pay attention and LISTEN. Listen to what MY body NEEDED to feel satisfied, taken care of, and, ultimately, moving me closer towards my goals. I get to create my own “rules,” and I can practice them every single day!

These are practices that are on-going; just like all of our journey’s are on-going. As you will hear me say time and time again, just when you feel you have a part of your process mastered, life has a way of throwing you that curve ball. Oh how I have become way too familiar with THAT!!

GUESS WHAT?! That is to be expected and, when we embrace these so-called setbacks, and re-frame our mindset, we can view them as learning opportunities, and ways to grow and level-up, as opposed to spending our energy on taking the victim mindset approach. Yes, it is not easy and, at times, it may feel really uncomfortable, but ALL of these life experiences help in creating the tools, strategies, and rules that work for YOU…and only YOU!

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