Corporate wellness

A unique and fresh approach to “wellness in the workplace”

What We Do:

Our signature programming is bringing new meaning to the “power of the group.” While most wellness companies focus on WHAT to do to, we have made it our priority to emphasize & educate on exactly HOW to go about doing it!

Delivered on the Executive Level, our services can be customized to FIT the needs of your company’s health and wellness initiatives!

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Corporate Wellness

Establishing a culture of health and wellness at your company provides a host of benefits that provide both immediate and long term effects. Employees that exercise regularly, eat healthfully, and have a positive mindset & well-being are, generally, more likely to…

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What 2 Health Nuts means to the people we serve...

I thought the 2 Health Nuts “Desk-2-5K” Program was great and helped me prepare for my first 5K race. The email and correspondence was very helpful, and the balance between cardio & strength training was perfect. I would definitely recommend a friend, and would participate again!

S. Weeks | Frederick County Public School System Employee